The Baths

The bath: an elixir for the body and for the skin in the Spa suite, immersed in the Obermaier King Size Jacuzzi, mesmerized by the lights of the fireplace, relaxing melodies, and warm perfumes.

Milk and Rose Bath

Sensual bath with rose petals, milk, and almond oil.
Soothing and draining (King size Jacuzzi).

White Tranquility Bath

White bath, serenity, synergy of precious essential.
Recommended for profound relaxation.

Fresh Lemon Bath

A detoxicating and energizing bath with Himalayan salt, fresh lemon, harmony of the water with rock crystal.

Lavender Bath

A soothing and relaxing bath.


A bath that is not only relaxing but that promotes cell regeneration and revitalizing


De-acidifying and detox

Euro 90.00 (30 min) per person
Euro 120.00 (30 min) per two people

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