Rituals for Couples

The Ritual of Dreams

A unique experience that allows you to abandon the perception of time under the guidance of masterful hands.
The ritual includes a Turkish bath, an intense scalp massage with a mint and aloe balm, followed by a Feng Shui facial massage.
The ritual concludes with a foot massage with goat milk mousse and a white tranquillity bath in a King Size Jacuzzi.
Euro 250,00 – 120 min per person

Hammam Ritual

An ancient oriental ritual involving the inhalation of balsamic essences, soft sounds, and relaxing perfumes.
Body and spirit are immersed in this magical experience of distant times and places.
Natural purification with black soap is followed by exfoliation with a glove and the application of detoxifying Rasul with the fragrance of geraniums in a Turkish bath.
This journey ends with oiling with a personalised oil.
Euro 230,00 – 120 min per person

“ME & YOU” Raspberry wellness treatment

Raspberry, famous for its antioxidant and emollient features, gives an incomparable softness sensation on the skin.
A moment of pure sweetness, an exclusive experience of scented wellness for couples, along with the calming fireplace light.
The treatment includes:
• Saturated steam cloud at 45°-50° / 113°-122°
• Mortar peeling
• Milk and raspberry bath in king size Jacuzzi
• Sweet almonds and fruit essences oil body massage
Euro 230,00 – 120 min per person

Dynamic Ritual

Created specifically for the back stress: Turkish bath with black soap for a deep and natural cleansing, stretching of arms and legs, usage of hot pads and towels, massage for cervical and de contracting back massage, energy balance and Jacuzzi.
Euro 250,00 – 120 min per person

Tranquillity sleep ritual

An innovative massage acting on 3 different sensorial pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing, for profound relaxation. It favor intense relaxation, promote sleep and recovery of the efects of Jet-Lag. Tranquility™ essential oils blend, the exclusive Tranquility™ Sound, exclusive handling, combined with the use of soft brushes, help to achieve a state of balance
and peace for both the body and the mind.
Euro 180,00 – 60 min per person

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