With Silver Quartzite

The energy of quartz and other minerals contained therein, enhanced by aromatic essences, fumigation rituals and primordial chants, make this treatment a unique sensorial experience to grant you profound relaxation.
Euro 180.00 (80 min)


An anti-stress massage with little warm sachets of fresh herbs, plants, flowers, and scented oils.
Euro 150.00 (50 min)

Hot Stones

A wellness massage with warm lava stones and essential oils for a unique experience toward profound relaxation.
Euro 200.00 (90 min)


A dynamic massage with pressure points, stretching and harmonisation with the sound of Tibetan bells. The result is excellent psycho-physical equilibrium. (dressed, no oil)
Euro 200.00 (90 min)

With Tibetan Bells

A holistic experience: the Tibetan bells facilitate awareness and harmony; the subtle sound produces a profound sympathetic effect, reawakening the ‘silent’ zones of the body and contracted muscles.
Euro 140.00 (55 min)

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