Individual Rituals

Shoulders and Back

Specific back ritual. The first phase consists of a detoxifying and relaxing muscular treatment with arnica or thermal mud in the Dr. Vitalis steam bath, followed by a relaxing massage of the back and neck.
Euro 198,00 – 80 min per person

Oasi Treatment

Body exfoliation, facial, regenerating scalp massage with precious oils for healthy hair, Turkish bath, massage with oils an personalised essences.
Euro 250,00 – 110 min per person

Deep Cleaning with Silver Quartzite

In light of its high quartz content, silver quartzite has been recognised as a curative mineral.
In this cleansing ceremony your body will be cleansed deeply and toned with a product enhanced with tamarack and juniper.
Your metabolism will be activated and the energy centres freed from substances that weigh them down.
Euro 180,00 – 80 min per person

Purification with Algae and Sea Salts

This ritual entails a profound cleansing of the body and exfoliation of the face and body with sea salts and the application of algae, followed by a Turkish bath and a relaxing massage.
Euro 210,00 – 90 min per person

Volcanic Clay

The application of volcanic clay in a Turkish bath, plus a relaxing massage.
Euro 150,00 – 60 min per person

Kusala Wellness with Slimming Mud

This ritual includes deep cleansing of the body, exfoliation with hazelnut powder, a hot oil massage, the application of transparent mud with a massage, a Turkish bath, and specific cream.
Euro 210,00 – 90 min per person

Detoxicating Silk Treatment

A masterful and ancient art that makes the skin soft and silky with Ayurvedic powders, oiling with pure sesame oil, peeling with a combination of chick peas, barley and Centella asiatica.
This experience concludes with a micro-molecular steam bath and a massage with a specific cream.
Euro 210,00 – 90 min per person

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