Restaurant L’Ulivo

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Many years of training and hard work are an integral part of the journey undertaken by each and every chef. To graduate from well-trained to truly a master of cuisine it takes an innate artistry, a character full of passion and the philosophical dedication to Food as an Art. Here at the Bauer, the consistent high-quality of the time you spend here with is our foremost concern, with food a huge part of this.

The menu’s of Bauer Il Palazzo’s De Pisis and Bauer Palladio’s d’Ulivo restaurants are individually composed, but are both are seasonally designed to deliver the freshest available delicacies of each moment of the year. Venetian cuisine is very special, and distinct from that of mainland Italy: once the Queen of the Sea, the maritime islands of Venice have had a much more international past than many inland locations. The busy sea-trade meant not just seafood but spices and exotic elements uncommon elsewhere – such as saffron – ‘zafferano’ – are now essential flavours. The local soils of the Veneto are also rich and deep, meaning produce, with vegetables from artichokes to onions and potatoes growing abundantly, all of which are now a part the unique offering of our tables.

After this little visual taste, we recommend a visit to see us; either surrounded by a verdant garden in d’Ulivo, or the sparking Grand Canal in De Pisis, our picturesque settings will help you to savour the flavour we have prepared with you in mind. For a dining experience to please the palate and the soul, for fine elegance with full flavour, you should look no further.



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