Hoja Ritual – May 27th 2017

Palladio Hotel & SPA invites you to a guided sensory journey between dream and nature.

A group experience with personalized treatments, guided by the philosophy of the five elements to get in touch with your soul.
Breathe excellence is our mission; opening oneself to the universe through the hands is our goal” explains Angela Spezzacatena (Spa Manager).
From a purely commercial need to the challenge of ‘La Hoja‘ (The Leaf) with the desire for uniqueness and spirituality.
That is how la Hoja, the Leaf is born and moves through the river of Life.

The number 8 will be leading this sensory journey: the 8th door between intellect and substance, a sovereign, ancient number which symbolizes infinity, money and victory:
8 foods, 8 stones, 8 waters, 8 herbs, 8 oils
will be the key elements of this sensory journey, selected in the respect of each one’s uniqueness through date of birth and the discovery of its own element.

A music of the past will accompany the discovery.

The Palladio Hotel & SPA, a privileged scenario to represent la Hoja ‘In and Out of Everything’ with the art ambient design of Chiara Zanella and the discovery of taste through art and simplicity by the Chef Francesco Fedrighi & Giovanni Ciresa

La Hoja: 8 therapists serving the beauty of only 17 people (1 + 7 = 8), a unique experience just for a limited group.

Join us in the journey!

La Hoja: a sensory journey between dream and nature.
Prize: € 170 p.p
Length: 2h 30 min.
Including: massage, face treatment, hand & feet massage, Chef’s tasting dishes

Due to the limited availability, we invite you to reserve your experience in advance


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spa ritual hoja

spa ritual hoja